Glue and Tool Caddy


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A portable caddy to hold your most commonly used tools and glues.  Leave it on the bench or take it to the field to keep the critical tools at hand.

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The Foam-Flite Glue and Tool caddy was designed to keep all your critical tools at hand. The handle lets you quickly grab the caddy and move it to where you need it. A convenient drawer can hold epoxy mixing cups, hardware or whatever else you need to keep at hand. The rare eart magnets will keep the drawer from sliding open while the caddy is being moved around. 

You can also add on our optional Epoxy caddy using two pilot holes and #4 screws along the side. If more storage is what you are after then grab our small storage bin and hang it on the side instead.

The caddy comes in a kit form but it's laser cut interlocking tabs will allow you to assemble it in minutes.


Glue and Tool Caddy

Manual for the Glue and Tool Caddy

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