Medium Pro Table Top Stand Kit V2

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Save money and built it yourself with our kit version of the Medium Pro table top stand. 

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Stands are currently being cut, please allow 2-3 days lead time to ship.


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Our pro line of stands include larger knobs for a stronger hold on the stand as well as thicker wood and a base that angles for easier access on the bench.

Our medium pro stand can hold larger planes up to about a 1.20 sized glow or 20-30cc sized airframe.  It has all the same functionality of the smaller tabletop stand but adds more strength.

The medium pro stand collapsed is about 21" from end to end and stretched out it is about 29". The cradle ends open up about 4.5" at the bottom and The tips can spread out up to about 14" wide. The legs are about 14" deep and sit about 18" apart.